Hall in Tirol

If you go on a journey of discovery to medieval Hall, you will find yourself in what could well be the Tyrol's most beautiful town. It certainly has one of Austria's best-preserved historic cores - it's actually even bigger than Innsbruck's - and serves as an excellent example of how a successful symbiosis with modern architectural designs can be achieved, e.g. the salt warehouse, the new UMIT university and the Parkhotel. 

The fine buildings in Hall's Old Town testify to the settlement's prosperous past. Salt mining in the Middle Ages transformed Hall into the north Tyrol's main commercial centre. Even then the town was an important trading post on the River Inn, and in the middle of the 15th century the provincial mint was established here, thereby creating the important preconditions for the advancement of the town to even greater commercial prosperity. 
Text: Tourismusverband Region Hall-Wattens